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Fusion Orchestra Gallery
Fusion Orchestra pictured during one of the band's frequent Marquee Club performances. Many people consider this to be the definitive line-up, responsible for the Skeleton In Armour album. From left: Stan Land, Dave Cowell, Dave Bell, Jill Saward and Colin Dawson. Jill Saward and Colin Dawson Jill Saward at the congas. Dave Bell
Rare shot of Dawson with Flying V Guitar Colin Dawson (left) and Stan Land Bassist Paul Jennings in background on stage with Colin Dawson In addition to her undisputed talent as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist Jill Saward included flute among her instruments.
Stan, Colin and Dave Wheeler playing together in an earlier band. Paul Jennings and Jill In June 1971, Fusion Orchestra played two gigs in Berlin, long before the wall came down. The band and road crew had to drive to Berlin through what was then communist East Germany, an interesting experience in itself. A British band appearing in Berlin was something of a rarity in those days and to mark the occasion, some local dignitaries laid on a small reception. Back row, from left: Stan Land; band manager Steve Parker; a dignitary(!); Mick Sluman; Dave Bell; and roadie Mick Holmes. Front row, from left: Roadie Pete Mitchell; a dignitary paying close attention to Jill(!); Jill Saward and Colin Dawson. Dave Bell
Colin Dawson "Dangerous" Dave Cowell! Dave Bell Jill Saward, Dave Cowell in customary bizarre outfit and headgear, and Stan Land, resplendent in flasher's mac and wellington boots. Some fans took to adopting the Stan Land style of clothing.
An early shot of the third lineup. From left: Mick Sluman, Stan Land, Jill Saward, Dave Bell and Colin Dawson. Paul Jennings Jill Saward From left: Andi Blamire, Paul Jennings and Colin Dawson.
Andi Blamire, who roadied for the band before replacing Stan Land on second guitar. Roadie Pete Mitchell Roadie Mick Holmes Roadie Phil
An early publicity shot. From left: Stan Land, Dave Bell, Jill Saward, Mick Sluman and Colin Dawson. Skeleton In Armour line-up, clockwise from left: Dave Bell, Stan Land, Dave Cowell, Colin Dawson and Jill Saward. The band's final line-up, from left: Paul Jennings, Jill Saward, Dave Bell and Alan Murphy, who replaced Colin Dawson on lead guitar. This incarnation of the  band would play just 25 gigs before finally splitting in 1975. Skeleton In Armour
Some of the old band members still get together from time to time. This shot was taken at a reunion around 2007, at The Gun Tavern in Croydon, where the band played several gigs in the 1970s. From left: Dave Bell, Mick Sluman, Jill Saward, Colin Dawson and Stan Land. Colin, Stan and Dave, taken at a reunion at The Gun Tavern in Croydon. Stan, Jill, Mick, Colin and Dave, taken at a reunion in 2007. A Fusion Orchestra sticker based on a famous band picture.
Dave Cowell in "Biggles" head gear. Dave Cowell Dave Cowell and Jill Saward. Another shot from the Marquee Club.
Jill Saward Stan Land, Dave Cowell and Jill Saward. Stan Land Dave Bell
Jill and Col Jill Saward Paul Jennings at the Marquee

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