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Gig List

Fusion Orchestra pictured during one of the band's frequent Marquee Club performances. Many people consider this to be the definitive line-up, responsible for the Skeleton In Armour album. From left: Stan Land, Dave Cowell, Dave Bell, Jill Saward and Colin Dawson.

From a combination of Stan Land's and Dave Bell's notes we have a full list of every gig the band ever played.

If you were at any of these gigs, please contact us!

First Line-Up

26th October 1969The Greyhound, Redhill
7th November 1969Kingston College Blues Club
8th November 1969Raynes Park Grammer School
15th November 1969Kingston College
19th November 1969The Gun, Croydon
22nd November 1969Heinmann Press, Kingswood
3rd January 1970Ranger Hut, Hook
26th January 1970Red Lion, Brentford

Second Line-Up

21st February 1970Raynes Park Grammer School
19th March 1970Croydon Art School, Selhurst
4th April 1970Red Cross Hall, Sutton
24th April 1970Carshalton Public Hall
9th May 1970Belmont Hall
23rd May 1970Wallington Cricket Club
5th June 1970Carshalton Park
13th June 1970Carshalton Public Hall
19th June 1970Hitchin College
20th June 1970Carshalton College
21st June 1970King's Head, Merton
5th July 1970Epsom Methodist Hall
11th July 1970Preston (Hitchin) Hall
21st July 1970Kingston Hall (Ham)
15th August 1970Eel Pie Island Twickenham
5th September 1970Hook Ranger Hut
12th September1970Carshalton Public Hall
13th September 1970King's Head, Merton
15th September 1970Ham Hall, Ham
16th September 1970The Castle, Tooting
18th September 1970The Star, Croydon
19th September 1970The Gun, Croydon
9th October 1970Brunel University
25th October 1970King's Head, Merton
28th October 1970The Gun, Croydon
30th October 1970Epsom Art College

Third Line-Up

12th November 1970Temple, Wardour St, London
14th November 1970Eel Pie Island, Twickenham
20th November 1970Ockley, Surrey
21st November1970Sister's Club, Seven Sisters
22nd November 1970Fagin's, Wrexham
28th November 1970New Hall, Epsom
4th December 1970Cafe des Artistes, Fulham
9th December 1970The Gun, Croydon
16th December 1970Y.W.C.A, Victoria
18th December 1970Greyhound, Redhill
19th December 1970K.C.F.E Coronation Hall, Kingston
20th December 1970Angel Hotel, Godalming
30th December 1970The Gun, Croydon
31st December 1970'Chez' Red Lion, Leytonstone
1st January 1971Temple, Wardour St, London
2nd January 1971Braintree Institute
8th January 1971Hobitt's Garden, Wimbledon
18th January 1971Ancient Foresters, Bermondsey
19th January 1971City University, London
23rd January 1971Coopers Hill, Bracknell
28th January 1971Hounds Club, East Ham
30th January 1971Reigate Grammer School
1st February 1971The Star, Croydon
5th February 1971Temple, Wardour St, London
12th February 1971Isleworth Poly
13th February 1971Hendon Tech
26th February 1971Raynes Park Grammer School
27th February 1971Resurrection Club, Hitchin
5th March 1971Barnsley Tech
7th March 1971'Child in Time' Club Horsham
12th March 1971Loughton College, Essex
13th March 1971Dartford College, Kent
18th March 1971Hounds Club, East Ham
20th March 1971Hitchin College
26th March 1971Greyhound, Redhill
27th March 1971Kingston College
2nd April 1971Sister's Club
23rd April 1971Thames Poly, Woolwich
11 th May 1971'1832' Windsor
16th May 1971'Aries' King's Head, Merton
20th May 1971'Wot' John Bull, Chiswick
21st May 1971Bishops Lonsdale College, Derby
27th May 1971Hounds Club, East Ham
28th May 1971Temple, Wardour St, London
29th May 1971South Berks College, Newbury
2nd June 1971Riverboat Club, Berlin, Germany
3rd June 1971Riverboat Club, Berlin, Germany
9th June 1971Pantiles, Bagshot
11th June 1971Greyhound, Redhill
14th June 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
17th June 1971Greyhound, Fulham
21st June 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
24th June 1971Grapes Hotel, Hayes, Middlesex
25th June 1971Imperial College, Ascot, Berks
28th June 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
2nd July 1971Greenford Town Hall
9th July 1971Lakers Hotel, Redhill
17th July 1971St. Mary's Hall, Langley, Bucks
20th July 1971Ham Hall
22nd July 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
29th July 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
31st July 1971The Gun, Croydon
6th August 1971Pigsty, Ilford
7th August 1971'Bumpers' London
9th August 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
13th August 1971Hobbitts Garden
16th August 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
22nd August 1971Pied Bull, Islington
23rd August 1971Greyhound, Fulham
26th August 1971Tavern Club, Dorchester
3rd September 1971Pigsty, Ilford
5th September 1971Marquee, London
8th September 1971Metro Club, Colchester
9th September 1971Grapes Hotel, Hayes, Middlesex
10th September 1971Albemarle, Harold Hill
13th September 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
17th September 1971Pantiles, Bagshot
18th September 1971Malvern Winter Gardens
19th September 1971Essex Arms, Brentwood
20th September 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
24th September 1971High Wycombe College
27th September 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
9th October 1971Aberystwyth University
15th October 1971Pavilion, Weymouth
16th October 1971Studio 51, London
24th October 1971Leytonstone & Wanstead Synagogue
26th October 1971Tricorn Club, Portsmouth
29th October 1971Hobbitts Garden
30th October 1971Kingston Poly
1st November 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
6th November 1971Nottingham C.F.E
7th November 1971Marquee, London
8th November 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
11th November 1971'Hounds' Green Man, East Ham
12th November 1971Greyhound, Fulham
13th November 1971Redbridge Youth Centre, Ilford
15th November 1971Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
28th November 1971Albemarle, Harold hill
7th December 1971City University, Islington
9th December 1971Wallington Public Hall
10th December 1971Redbridge Tech
12th December 1971King's Head, Merton
18th December 1971Tamworth Assembly Rooms
2nd January 1972Horn Hotel, Braintree
6th January 1972St. Elphreges, Brentwood
12th January 1972Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
13th January 1972Tavern Club, Dorchester
19th January 1972Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
28th January 1972Greyhound, Redhill
12th February 1972Ewell Tech
22nd February 1972Chelsea Village, Bournemouth
24th February 1972Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
1st March 1972Mercury Club, Petersfield
2nd March 1972Thomas A'Beckett, Old Kent Road
5th March 1972S.L.J.Y.C, West Norward
6th March 1972Greyhound, Fulham
9th March 1972Grapes Hotel, Hayes, Middlesex
10th March 1972Beale Grammer, Ilford
11th March 1972The Boathouse, Nottingham
12 March 1972Albemarle, Harrold Hill
24th March 1972Nottingham CFE
29th March 1972Bird's Nest, Chadwell Heath
30th March 1972Tavern Club, Dorchester
9th April 1972Redbridge J Youth Centre
13th April 1972Rainbow Rooms, Finsbury
20th April 1972McGees, Northfields
21st April 1972Epsom Art College
26th April 1972Rainbow Rooms, Finsbury
27th April 1972Quales School, Romford
29th April 1972Growling Budgie, Ilford
3rd May 1972Big Brother, Greenford
6th May 1972Workshop, Ebesham Hall, Epsom
8th May 1972Bird's Nest, Chadwell Heath
9th May 1972Tricorn Club, Portsmouth
10th May 1972Greyhound, Fulham
12th May 1972Falcon, Eltham
17th May 1972Growling Budgie, Ilford
19th May 1972London University
23rd May 1972Nightingale, Wood Green
24th May 1972Mercury Club, Petersfield

Fourth Line-Up

23/6/1972Thurrock Civic HallGrays
24/6/1972Boat ClubNottingham
28/6/1972Mercury ClubPetersfield
29/6/1972Shoreditch Down HallE2
30/6/1972Southwark CollegeSE3
12/6/1972Wallington Public HallWallington
16/6/1972Mr Smith'sManchester
18/6/1972Madhatter ClubMaidstone
21/6/1972Totten CollegeSouthhampton
24/6/1972Growling BudgieIlford
25/6/1972Greenford Town HallMiddlesex
27/6/1972Tavern ClubDorchester
1/8/1972NightingaleWood Green
4/8/197276 ClubBurton On Trent
5/8/1972Huddersfield Builders ClubHuddersfield
7/8/1972Thomas A'BeckettOld Kent Road
9/8/1972Tivoli BallroomBuckley
11/8/1972Two J's ClubBraintree
16/8/1972Growling BudgieIlford
17/8/1972MarqueeWardour St, London
21/8/1972King's HeadStandford Le Hope
22/8/1972Henry's BlueshouseBirmingham
23/8/1972Big BrotherGreenford
28/8/1972De Valence BallroomTenby
29/8/1972Top Rank SuiteWatford
31/8/1972Thomas A'BeckettOld Kent Road
1/9/1972Dolphin HotelBotley
2/9/1972Civic HallSt. Alban's
6/9/1972Legion HallCwmbach
7/9/1972St. George's HallLiverpool
8/9/1972Chancellor HallChelmsford
9/9/1972The Rock (County Cricket Club)Northampton
12/9/1972City HallSheffield
14/9/1972Amethyst ClubPreston
15/9/1972East Ham Town HallEast Ham
20/9/1972Mercury ClubPetersfield
22/9/1972Kensington CourtNewport
23/9/1972Nottingham CollegeNottingham
25/9/1972King's HeadStandford Le Hope
26/9/1972Tricorn ClubPortsmouth
27/9/1972Top Rank SuiteWatford
29/9/1972Worcester College of EducationWorcester
30/9/1972Civic HallOrpington
5/10/1972Malcom's DiscoHull
7/10/1972Padgate CollegeWarrington
12/10/1972MarqueeWardour St, London
14/10/1972Winter GardensMalvern
18/10/1972Big BrotherGreenford
20/10/1972Dolphin HotelBotley
21/10/1972Pavilion TheatreWeymouth
25/10/1972Legion HallCwmbach
29/10/1972Burton on Trent TechBurton On Trent
1/11/1972Growling BudgieIlford
10/11/1972Kudos ClubChadwell Heath
11/11/1972King's Cross CinemaLondon
14/11/1972Corn ExchangeMaidstone
15/11/1972Civic TheatreBedford
17/11/1972Leicester CollegeLeicester
18/11/1972The Rock (County Cricket Club)Northampton
20/11/1972MarqueeWardour St, London
24/11/1972Trent PolytechNottingham
1/12/197276 ClubBurton on Trent
2/12/1972Civic HallSt Albans
7/12/1972Tavern ClubDorchester
8/12/1972St Luke's CollegeExeter
9/12/1972Barking Technical CollegeBarking
14/12/1972Stratford Town HallEast Ham
17/12/1972Black SwanSheffield
18/12/1972Kirby CollegeMiddlesborough
19/12/1972Nunthorpe SchoolYork
22/12/1972Havering Technical CollegeHavering
23/12/1972Coronation Hall (KCFE)Kingston
29/12/1972Thurrock Civic HallGrays
8/1/1973Croft ClubLeicester
9/1/1973NightingaleWood Green
10/1/1973Mercury ClubPetersfield
20/1/1973New Church HouseNewport Pagnell
26/1/1973Golden DiamondSutton In Ashfield
27/1/1973Civic HallGuildford
1/2/1973MarqueeWardour St, London
3/2/1973St John's HallPeterborough
10/2/1973King's Cross CinemaLondon
11/2/1973Keswick CollegeNorwich
14/2/1973Grammar SchoolPontyprydd
15/2/1973Kensington CourtNewport
16/2/1973Braintree CollegeEssex
23/2/1973College of EducationHitchin
24/2/1973College of PharmacyLondon
28/2/1973Elizabethan BarnTunbridge Wells
2/3/1973Weybridge CollegeWeybridge
3/3/1973Gloucester Leisure CentreGloucester
7/3/1973Mercury ClubPetersfield
10/3/1973The Rock (County Cricket Club)Northampton
17/3/1973Glen BallroomLlanelli
18/3/1973ICI Weston ClubRuncorn
19/3/1973Spinning JennyAccrington
23/3/1973J.B. ClubDudley
24/3/1973Whitelands CollegePutney
29/3/1973City HallSalisbury
30/3/1973Mid-Essex CollegeChelmsford
6/4/197376 ClubBurton On Trent
12/4/1973Mecca BallroomBasildon
14/4/1973Pionneer ClubSt Albans
15/4/1973Black SwanSheffield
21/4/1973Hastings PierHastings
30/4/1973Croft ClubLeicester
4/5/1973Albemarle ClubIlford
5/5/1973Cranbrook SchoolKent
14/5/1973Top HatSpennymoor
16/5/1973Town HallMiddlesborough
17/5/1973West Midlands CollegeWalsal
18/5/1973College of EducationYork
22/5/1973City UniversityLondon
25/5/1973Regency DiscoIlkeston
26/5/1973Drill HallLincoln
28/5/1973Alexandra Palace, London
30/5/1973Mercury ClubPetersfield
1/6/1973Sheffield UniversitySheffield
2/6/1973Malvern Winter GardensMalvern
8/6/1973Mr Badger'sSouthgate
15/6/1973Nag's HeadWollaston
21/6/1973Global VillageCharing Cross
22/6/1973Patti PavilionSwansea
23/6/1973Kennsington CourtNewport
27/6/1973Rank SuiteSheffield
29/6/1973Garnet CollegeRoehampton
3/7/1973Carmarthen TechCarmarthen
5/7/1973Worcester TechWorcestor
6/7/1973Southgate TechSouthgate
7/7/1973Royal Latin SchoolBuckingham
20/7/1973Erith College (Black Prince)Bexley
27/7/197376 ClubBurton On Trent
28/7/1973Cheltenham Athletic GroundCheltenham
6/8/1973Top RankDoncaster
18/8/1973Civic HallSt Alban's
25/8/1973Church HouseNewport Pagnall
30/8/1973Club RexBognor Regis
8/9/1973Eskit ClubRotterdam
9/9/1973Scheesel FestivalWest Germany
20/9/1973Hollings CollegeManchester
4/10/1973Top Of The WorldStafford
5/10/1973Middlesex PolyHendon
6/10/1973College of EducationCoventry
26/10/1973Romney Technical CollegeWales
27/10/1973Eastbourne College of EducationEastbourne
28/10/1973Civic HallBoreham Wood
31/10/1973Manchester PolyManchester
1/11/1973"New" CavernLiverpool
8/11/1973Flamingo BallroomHereford
9/11/1973Salford UniversitySalford
15/11/1973Carshalton Public HallCarshalton
16/11/1973Stevenage College of EducationStevenage
17/11/1973Plymouth PolyPlymouth
25/11/1973New Windmill TheatreUpminster
27/11/1973St Luke's CollegeExter
28/11/1973Worcester College of EducationWorcestor
29/11/1973Nort East London PolyLondon
30/11/1973Pattir PavilionSwansea
1/12/1973Swindon Town HallSwindon
14/12/1973Colston HallBristol

Fifth Line-Up

2/2/1974Doncaster College of EducationDoncaster
9/2/1974Ebbisham HallEpsom
10/2/1974Black SwanSheffield
13/2/1974MarqueeWardour St, London
15/2/1974Crawley CollegeCrawley
21/2/1974North East London PolyLondon
22/2/1974Brunel UniversityUxbridge
23/2/1974Slough College of TechnologySlough
1/3/1974Reading UniversityReading
3/3/1974Queen's HotelWestcliffe
6/3/1974Floral HallSouthport
18/3/1974Top RankDoncaster
24/3/1974RoundhouseChalk Farm
29/3/1974Patti PavillionSwansea

Sixth Line-Up

4/4/1974Emerson Park SchoolHornchurch
5/4/1974Golden DiamondSutton in Ashfield
6/4/1974Darlington College of TechnologyDarlington
13/4/1974Lees Cliffe HallFolkestone
20/4/1974Civic HallBrierley Hill
22/4/1974MadqueeWardour St, London
4/5/1974Civic HallAmmanford
10/5/1974Top RankDoncaster
11/5/1974Civic HallSt Albans
17/5/1974Winter GardensPenzance
18/5/1974University of ChelseaChelsea
2/6/1974Queen's HotelWestcliffe
7/6/1974Didsbury CollegeManchester
8/6/1974Town HallStroud
12/6/1974Mercury ClubPetersfield
14/6/197476 ClubBurton On Trent
16/6/1974Black SwanSheffield
21/6/1974MarqueeWardour St, London

Seventh Line-Up

28/6/1974King's SchoolGrantham
5/7/1974Slypt DiscWorkington
6/7/1974Havering Technical CollegeHavering
15/7/1974Top HatSpennymoor
20/7/1974Lees Cliffe HallFolkestone
10/8/1974Harrow PolytechnicHarrow
17/8/1974Priory HotelScunthorpe
26/8/1974MarqueeWardour St, London
28/8/1974Pier PavilionWorthing
6/9/1974Mayfair BallroomNewcastle
7/9/1974Malvern Winter GardensMalvern
20/9/1974Hereford College of EducationHereford
22/9/1974Black SwanSheffield
25/9/1974MarqueeWardour St, London
27/9/1974Paget RoomsPenarth
28/9/1974Queen's HallNarberth
30/9/1974University of AberyswtwythAberystwyth
2/10/1974Strathclyde UniversityGlasgow
4/10/1974Sunderland PolytechnicSunderland
5/10/1974St Andrew's UniversitySt Andrews
11/10/1974North Gloucester TechCheltenham
18/10/1974Maidstone College of ArtMaidstone
19/10/1974Wanstead County High SchoolWanstead
25/10/1974Bath UniversityBath
26/10/1974Bolton Institute of TechnologyBolton
1/11/1974Napier CollegeEdinburgh
2/11/1974Aberdeen UniversityAberdeen
8/11/1974Carousel BallromCamden
9/11/1974Lees Cliffe PavilionFolkestone
13/11/1974Shefffield Tech.Sheffield
15/11/1974St David's UniversityLampeter
16/11/1974Balls Park CollegeHertford
18/11/1974MarqueeWardour St, London
22/11/1974Huddersfield PolyHuddersfield
23/11/1974Bolton Institute of TechnologyBolton
30/11/1974Guildford PolytechnicGuildford
4/12/1974Goldsmiths CollegeCamberwell
6/12/1974Bristol UniversityBristol
7/12/1974Hastings PierHastings
8/12/1974Queen's HotelSouthend
11/12/1974Frenchman's MotelFishguard
12/12/1974Festival ClubGilfach Goch
19/12/1974Market HallHaverford West
21/12/1974Baths Hall TechDarlington
22/12/1974MarqueeWardour St, London

Final Line-Up

31/1/1975The Nowhere ClubBicester
1/2/1975The Newlands TavernPeckham
2/2/1975Golden LionFulham
4/2/1975The TargetReading
6/2/1975MarqueeWardour St, London
8/2/1975Crewe College of EducationCrewe
11/2/1975MarqueeWardour St, London
12/2/1975Top RankCardiff
14/2/1975Birmingham PolyBirmingham
27/2/1975MarqueeWardour St, London
28/2/1975York UniversityVanburough
1/3/1975Boat ClubNottingham
6/3/1975Jubilee HallBurton On Trent
7/3/1975Writtle CollegeChelmsford
14/3/1975Willesden College of TechnologyWillesden
16/3/1975Winning PostTwickenham
20/3/1975MarqueeWardour St, London
11/4/1975St George's HallExeter
13/4/1975Mr George'sCoventry
19/4/1975College of EducationAberdeen
20/4/1975Humberside TheatreHull
21/4/1975Top Fo The WorldStafford
1/5/1975MarqueeWardour Street, London

Shared A Stage

During the life of the band, Fusion Orchestra played on the same bill as many notable acts, here are those we remember:

And at the Schessell Festival, North Germany (8-9 Sep 1973)